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Additional TLO Resources

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  • CARLAtech - this group has a focus of integration of technology in language teaching and learning. 
  • Learning to Teach Online - many articles from a general context, but a language focus when we find them.

Tips/Best Practices for Teaching Online


Collections of Tech Tools and Ideas for Using Them

Non-language specific

Organizations /  Journals focusing on Technology and/or Teaching Online

These 2 organizations have their own journals and major conferences:

  • CALICO (Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium)
  • IALLT (International Association for Language Learning and Technology) - FLTmag is now the IALLT journal

Language and technology journals:

Additional journals about teaching online (not specifically for language teaching)

Both of these organizations have a lot of articles, guidelines, books and research about teaching online on their websites:

Books about Teaching Online

These first three books have served as course textbooks for TTLO in various years:

Additional books about teaching online

Conferences & Courses about teaching technology and/or teaching online

  • InSync Training for Synchronous Learners - "Learn How to Learn Online"
    A 1-hour virtual training opportunity that might give you a taste of what you could do in a synchronous session.
    It's a free course, not specific to language learning, but it would give you an idea of some tools that can be used in synchronous, large group meetings.  I would look at it through the lens of “what activities / tools are the moderators using to engage me as a learner and how could I adapt these for language activities?”
  • ACTFL Distance Learning SIG and Hawaii LRC materials - modules for learning to teaching online
  • TESOL's Certificate program for learning how to teach online
  • The LARC workshop recordings of their summer sessions are online and worth watching. 
  • Digital Pedagogy Lab - this is an online conference for those interested in the intersection of digital learning, critical pedagogy, and social justice. Unlike typical conferences, participants choose a track to learn about with a cohort of learners in a participatory and active fashion. 
  • Online Graduate Certificate in Technology Integration
    The Anderson Language & Technology Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder now offers a fully online graduate certificate in technology integration in the language classroom. 


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