CARLA Fellow Program Opportunity

NOTE: The CARLA Fellows have been selected for the 2018-2019 academic year. See bios below.
The competition will be held again in fall 2019. The information below provides an outline of the program. Watch for details/deadline in early fall 2019.

The Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) seeks applications for the CARLA Fellow Program. Applicants should be University of Minnesota doctoral students who are nearing the end of their program of study. This program is designed to recognize and support the outstanding contributions made by graduate students in the area of second language learning and/or teaching, and to engage graduate students in the work being done at CARLA.

Two students will be selected to participate as CARLA Fellows for the academic year. Fellows are expected to give a CARLA lunchtime presentation during the fellowship year and to attend CARLA events as their schedule permits. Selection criteria include: number of publications and presentations at national and international conferences; activities as a language teacher, advocate, consultant, or teacher educator; strength of letter of application; strength of recommendation letter from a faculty member; and strength of writing sample.

Benefits of being a CARLA Fellow:

  • Receive a $1,000 reimbursement allowance for travel to attend or present at a language-related conference
  • Have a dedicated workspace in the CARLA offices during the Spring semester
  • Give a CARLA lunchtime presentation

Application Process:

Submit a 1-2 page letter of application to CARLA Director Kate Paesani outlining the following:

  • Your research interests and activities
  • Your past involvement with CARLA and potential future involvement as a CARLA Fellow

Include the following documents in your application:

  • Academic writing sample related to language learning and/or teaching
  • Transcript of academic work (unofficial)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of recommendation from a faculty member

Email your application to the CARLA Director at:

Application Due Date--TBD

For more information, email Karin Larson at:


CARLA Fellow Bios • 2018–2019

CARLA is pleased to announce the selection of two CARLA Fellows for the 2018-2019 academic year: Mónica de la Fuente Iglesias and Russell Simonsen. Both are advanced doctoral students whose interests in foreign language learning and teaching help support CARLA's mission to "study multilingualism and multiculturalism, to develop knowledge of second language acquisition, and to advance the quality of second language teaching, learning, and assessment."
Mónica de la Fuente Iglesias is a PhD candidate in the Hispanic Linguistics program in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies. Her research focuses on issues of language prestige and dominance, language attitudes, covert prestige, local identity issues, and language contact phenomena in Galicia, the bilingual autonomous region of Spain located in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. Her dissertation explores the sociophonetic factors influencing the Spanish vowel system of Galician-Spanish bilinguals, and whether linguistic attitudes or social meanings are indexed when bilinguals employ or perceive Galician features in Galician Spanish. In addition to her research work, Mónica has experience teaching learners at all different levels of Spanish proficiency, from beginners to Spanish majors and minors, including the teaching of upper division Hispanic linguistics courses and writing and reading comprehension classes. Mónica’s previous participation in CARLA activities includes serving as co-editor of the 2017 SLA Student Symposium Proceedings that CARLA published in 2018, participating in several Summer Institutes, and attending various lunchtime presentations.

Russell Simonsen is a PhD candidate in the Hispanic Linguistics program in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies. His research in SLA focuses on the developmental trajectory of sentence processing in L2 Spanish. Specifically, his work aims to document how Spanish learners of varying proficiency levels use syntactic and semantic information in order to understand sentences in real time. Russell has also researched pedagogical theory, focusing principally on the ideologies surrounding language, culture, and teaching materials in L2 pedagogy. Beyond the University of Minnesota, he is an active advocate of language learning. He worked closely with K-12 Spanish learners and teachers in his previous role as the National Spanish Exam coordinator for the Minnesota chapter of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP-MN), and he has been nominated to be the president of said organization in 2019. Russell’s participation in CARLA activities includes being a research assistant to Kate Paesani and Mandy Menke on the project Knowledge Processes and the Interpretive Mode: Analyzing Materials through the Lens of the Multiliteracies Framework; co-presenting a poster at the 2017 CARLA Open House; serving as a manuscript reviewer for the 2017 SLA Graduate Student Symposium proceedings; and attending two CARLA summer institutes.

Congratulations to Mónica and Russ!

CARLA Fellows:

Mónica de la Fuente Iglesias (Hispanic Linguistics/Ph.D)
Russell Simonsen
(Hispanic Linguistics/Ph.D)

Yi-Ju Lai (Second Languages and Cultures Education/Ph.D.) 
Corinne Mathieu
(Second Languages and Cultures Education/Ph.D.) 

Jenna Cushing-Leubner (Second Languages and Cultures Education/Ph.D.) 
Mel Engman (Second Languages and Cultures Education/Ph.D.) 
Jenifer Vanek (Second Languages and Cultures Education/Ph.D.) 

LeeAnne Godfrey (Second Languages and Cultures Education/Ph.D.) 
Beth Dillard (Second Languages and Cultures Education/Ph.D.) 

Fang (Andie) Wang (Second Languages and Cultures Education/Ph.D.) 
Amy Young (Second Languages and Cultures Education/Ph.D.) 

Angela George (Hispanic Linguistics/Ph.D)

Angela Pinilla-Herrera (Hispanic Linguistics/Ph.D)

Sachiko Horii (Second Languages and Cultures Education/Ph.D)

Giang Thùy Pham (Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences/Ph.D.)

Mandy Menke (Hispanic Linguistics/Ph.D)

Pam Wesely (Second Languages and Cultures Education/Ph.D)

Karla Stone (Second Languages and Cultures Education/Ph.D)

Laurent Cammarata (Second Languages and Cultures Education/Ph.D)

Anne Dahlman (Second Languages and Cultures Education/Ph.D)

Lisa McCowen (Hispanic Linguistics/Ph.D)

Karen Jorgensen (Second Languages and Cultures Education/Ph.D)
Paul Magnuson (Second Languages and Cultures Education/Ph.D)

Mike Anderson (Second Languages and Cultures Education/Ph.D)
Jenny Yi-chun Kuo (Linguistics/Ph.D)

J. Cesar Felix-Brasdefer (Hispanic Linguistics/Ph.D)
Tara Fortune (Second Languages and Cultures Education/Ph.D)

Patsy Vinogradov (ESL/MA)
Bonnie Swierzbin (Linguistics/Ph.D)

Karin Goettsch (ESL/MA)
Francine Klein (Second Languages and Cultures Education/Ph.D)
John Skinner (ESL/MA)

Andreas Schramm (Linguistics/Ph.D)
Nima Salehi (ESL/MA)

Karen Lybeck (Linguistics/ Ph.D)
Patricia Mougel (Second Languages and Cultures Education/Ph.D)

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