Wikis for Collaboration: Activities

1. Go to the CARLA "sandbox" wiki.
First you will need to create an account and then request access to the wiki - wait for an email. I usually get back to people within 24 hours.

Here is a handout that will be helpful in the next steps - please download.

2. Introductions - Make your own page

  • Look for the SideBar column on the right side of the window
  • Click "Introductions" and you will see other demo pages
  • Click Create a new page and choose "Introductions" folder, then save.
    There are more detailed instuctions in the wiki.
  • Add a graphic to your page (have you completed the "Using Digital Images" module?)

3. Make a link to your page on the "Introductions" page (see handout for details)

4. Comment on someone else's page - look for the input box at the bottom of each page

5. Make an edit on one of the "Dear Abby" pages

  • Read what others have created as Abby's advice to the letter writer
  • Choose one and make changes to the advice - in a different color


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