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Assessment of Second Language

Second language assessment initiatives at CARLA build on the University of Minnesota’s long-time commitment to promoting and assessing proficiency in second language learning.

Virtual Assessment Center (VAC)

A web-based learning module provides teachers with background information, step-by-step guidance and lots of practical resources on developing second language assessments.

Virtual Item Bank (VIB)

The Virtual Item Bank (VIB) provides teachers with samples of over 300 test items (mostly in English) to demonstrate how different types of stimuli can be used to assess learners’ progress in reading, listening, speaking and writing.

The Minnesota Language Proficiency Assessments (MLPA)

The Minnesota Language Proficiency Assessments (MLPA) are a battery of high-quality, proficiency-based second language assessment tools for reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The MLPA are currently available for French, German, and Spanish at two levels on the proficiency scale outlined by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

Resources for Second Language Assessment

Teachers will find a wide range of background information and practical information on developing assessments for second languages. Includes links to annotated bibliographies, information about linking assessments to standards, lesson plans, task and rubric banks and more.

CARLA Summer Institutes for Language Teachers

Each summer CARLA offers a wide array of professional development opportunities for K-16 language teachers including an institute focused on developing assessments for the second language classroom.

CARLA Bibliography

The CARLA bibliography has more information on presentations and publications done by faculty, students, and staff involved with this project.

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