Wikis for Collaboration: Examples

Wikis are used for many different purposes: an easy way to put a syllabus or instructions for students online, a place to collect documents or work on shared documents for a department or district curriculum, a place for students to share their work, and a place for students to do collaborative projects. You will see examples of all of these uses for wikis in the examples below.

1. Which wiki?
As you are exploring, make a note of which wiki is being used (PBworks, Wikispace, WetPaint, etc.). Do you have a preference for one over the other based on what you see?

2. Who did that?
Pick one of the examples and see if you can figure out how to see who did what on the page. For example, in a PBworks wiki, you will see a "Page History" button towards the top right. Click to see who did what when, and then choose two of those in the list to compare, so you can see exactly what was changed.

It's a good idea to let students know that you can see all of this.  And it's good for you to know that you can always "roll back" to a previous version if someone accidentally deleted things they wanted to keep.

Examples of educational wikis

Search for "world languages" and grade level to find examples from Curriki.

Grade school creative writing and audio

Penn State Communications Class Team Projects

University of Montana English Language Institute

CobbESL - example of teacher training with a wiki (adapt it for your class!)

SUA Learning Clusters Vocabulary - collaborative vocabulary wiki!

Research and Writing - a composition course wiki

Collaborative writing project - students in colors

Webster ESL Program wiki

Collaborative wiki project between schools in CA and VT

K-12 ESL wiki site

ABE ESL wiki site, a framework

Student-created study guide for historical novel

Spanish movie reviews

ESL Online Newspaper and section 2


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