Find Web Resources: Create a Collection on a Topic



Choose a topic
• Think of a topic that you would like to focus on for a web activity - think about a content topic, not a grammar point. (The grammar will be embedded in a content topic.)
• This could be one of your favorite topics to teach, or maybe it's a topic that hasn't gone as well as you'd like in class - something that you would like to enhance a bit? 

• Open your browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, etc.)
• Open a new document in Word (or other word processor)

Google LogoDo a search

  • Go to Google (or your favorite search engine) and do a search on your topic.
  • When you find a good resource, copy the URL (address) of the page
  • Paste the URL into your Word document - try Delicious (instructions below)
  • Type a note or two about the page - what did you like about it? what would you have students do with it?
  • Save your Word document

Search Tips Review (see Examples section of this module)
• use “search engine math” to narrow down the hits you get
• pick one search engine and learn it well – use the “tips” or “advanced
• write the search terms in the target language if you want webpages in the TL
• try a meta search engine (,
• some search engines have specific search buttons for multimedia:  images, movies, sounds, etc.       

You might try to see a unique way of searching for various types of multimedia and information sources all together. What search engines do you use?

Save What You Find

Delicious - social bookmarking! (

Delicious is a very easy way to keep and find annotated bookmarks for websites that you find. Two problems with using the bookmarks/favorites in your browser - one, you can't access them if you're not at your desk, and two, you can't share them with friends or colleagues.  With Delicious, you can!

1) It's web-based so you can access your bookmarks from anywhere.
2) You can create groups and share sites you find with them or send bookmarks to friends (that's the social part!).

Get your free account on Delicious, install the plugin for your favorite browser, and now you can save great web finds to your Delicious collection with a click.

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