Telecollaboration: Readings

This first series of articles are not specifically for language learning, but Judi Harris' articles are the best place to start for ideas on telecollaboration!  She's written many articles and a book on Telecollaboration (maybe she coined the phrase?).  Her website is where you'll find a lot of good information - read it all!
but start with these two (pdf files):

Harris, J. (1998) Curriculum-Based Telecollaboration: Using Activity Structures to Design Student Projects. Learning and Leading with Technology 26:1.

Harris, J. (2000) Taboo Topic No Longer: Why Telecollaborative Projects Sometimes Fail. Learning and Leading with Technology, 27:5, 58-61.

Background Readings

There is a lot of information available on telecollaborative types of projects, so for this Telecollaboration module, information will also be divided up into five sub-topic areas so that you may concentrate on just one, if you wish. Sometimes projects will use more than one vehicle for communication (i.e., an email project that posts project results on a webpage).


E-mail, Listservs, &
Threaded Discussions

Blogs & Wikis

Adding Audio-Video



Chat Rooms &
Instant Messaging

Virtual Spaces

Video Conferencing


E-mail, Listservs, & Threaded Discussions

What is a listserv? 
What are emoticons?

Silva, P. U., Meagher, M. E., Valenzuela, M. and Crenshaw, S. (1996) Email: Real-Life Classroom Experiences with Foreign Languages. Learning and Leading with Technology, 23:5.


Blogs & Wikis

Ward, J. (2004). Having a BALL with Blog-Assisted Language Learning, Lore.


Chat Rooms & Instant Messaging

What is Instant Messaging?

Almeida d'Eca, T. (2003). The Use of Chat in EFL/ESL. TESL-EJ, v7, n1. <>


Virtual Spaces

Peterson, K. M. (2003). Synchronous virtual environments in computer assisted language learning (CALL): New pedagogical approaches. Learning Technology, v5, n3. IEEE Computer Society.


Adding Audio-Video

Most of the text-based categories above now have the ability to incorporate graphic, audio, and video within them, but there are also some applications that have been developed with audio-video purposes, based on the function of threaded discussions, and others.


Video Conferencing

What is video conferencing?



What is podcasting?

Article about Chinesepod -

Blog about podcasting for language learning

iPods helping languages click


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