Introduction to Technology Integration: Additional Resources

The Additional Resources are articles and webpages that give additional information on the topic.  Some of these may be be general articles (i.e., not specific to language teaching) that expand on the topic.  They might also be other templates, similar applications, or tutorials if you need step-by-step help in mastering an application.

Here are some additional overview articles on using technology for teaching:

Chickering, Arthur W. and Stephen C. Ehrmann. (1996). Implementing the Seven Principles: Technology as Lever, AAHE Bulletin. [Online] Retrieved July 30, 2006, from

Dockstader, Jolene. (1999). Teachers of the 21st Century Know the What, Why, and How of Technology Integration. T.H.E. Journal, 14 July 2000. Retrieved July 30, 2006, from

McGrath, B. (1998). Partners in Learning: Twelve Ways Technology Changes the Teacher-Student Relationship.  T.H.E. Journal. [Online] Retrieved July 30, 2006, from


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