Digital Storytelling: Discussion

The topic for this discussion is the assessment of storytelling projects. What and how do you assess a project of this type?

Explore these links to rubrics or traits for rubrics that others have suggested for storytelling:

Go to the NiceNet discussion board (go to the Introduction module for instructions on how to join the "class" if you have not already done so).  Click on "Conferencing" and then click on the "Technology" topic thread. 

Under the "Storytelling" subtopic, please add your thoughts about storytelling assessment. Consider these questions:

  • What do the example rubrics linked above assess?
  • Do the rubrics assess both product and process? Would you?
  • Which is more important in telling a story - grammar or content?   Do you need to assess both?
  • How would you assess a digital storytelling project?

You may want to create your own assessment rubric in RubiStar.

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