Create Web Resources: Examples

Some of the tools are hard to show examples of because they are "hidden" behind login/password protection; for example, QuizLab, QuizStar, Quia quizzes, etc. Others, like HotPotatoes are free for education use only if the activities you make are on the internet where others can see and use them.

Thanksgiving and Tomatina - good examples of a combination of activities and tools all put together in a Track

Interconnected WebWizard pages to make a WebQuest - Anne Frank

A rubric for a poetry project.  What's a rubric? - read more about RubiStar and what it does.

Yesterday is a Track that incorporates Quia Activities

What Should I Call You - has a variety of activities made with a variety of tools

Quia - language directory - click on a language and it will show you the top 20 activities

HotPotatoes - Examples - to show you the possibilities!


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