Telecollaboration: Examples

Asynchronous E-mail, Listservs, &
Threaded Discussions
Blogs and Wikis Adding

Chat Rooms &
Instant Messaging
Virtual Places Video Conferencing  


E-mail, Listservs, & Threaded Discussions

If you started from the top of these modules, you should have some experience now with the discussion board (NiceNet) used for the discussions in these modules.  Here are some others:

Leloup, J. Some example lesson plans::
bulletin board:

Gonglewski, M., Meloni, C., & Brant, J. (2001). Using E-mail in Foreign Language Teaching: Rationale and Suggestions. The Internet TESL Journal, v7, n3.

Blogs and Wikis

What do think about this suggestion for an activity to build a mini-wikipedia as a class project?
Go to the very bottom of the page - (Wednesday, March 03, 2004) Micro-WikiPedia: Wiki Lesson Plan

Thorne, S. L. & Payne, J. S. (2005). Evolutionary Trajectories, Internet-Mediated Expression, and Language Education. CALICO Journal, v22, n3, p-p 371-397.
Go to p. 382 for the section on Blogs and Wikis.  What do you think about the "study abroad blog" idea?

Chat Rooms & Instant Messaging


Virtual Places


Adding Audio-Video

Duber, J. (n.d.). Cutting Edge CALL Demos. CALL @Chorus.

Web-Based Speech: Web-Based Applications that Replace or Extend the Traditional Language Lab. (n.d.) Yamada Language Center website.


Video Conferencing



A list of a lot of language podcasts:

• Arabic (10) • Chinese (49)
• Dansk (27) • Deutsch (230)
• Dutch (64) • Español (135)
• Finnish (13) • Français (178)
• Greek (9) • Hebrew (4)
• Hindu-Urdu (17) • Italiano (107)
• Japanese (78) • Korean (4)
• Other Languages (144) • Português (32)
• Russian (22) • Türkçe (16)


Chinese -

Pod-EFL – long list of links for ELT podcasting down the right side

Spanish 4 You -
There is a list of 12 podcasts with a theme conversation.Below you will find blog posts with the script of the conversation in Spanish and then English with a list of vocab in the middle.

Learn Italian Pod -

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