Introduction to Technology Integration: Readings

The Readings for each topic will give you some background information through articles, videos, or web-pages that describe that particular concept or type of technology. In this Introduction, for example, read the article linked below for an overview of technology integration frameworks.

This post from ACTFL about the role of technology in language learning notes that

"The use of technology is not a goal in and of itself; rather technology is one tool that supports language learners as they use the target language in culturally appropriate ways to accomplish authentic tasks."

Following that idea, we will be considering the integration of technology in support of language learning - starting from the pedagogical reason for using a technology tool - not from the tools themselves.

Here are some technology integration frameworks that will give you a way of evaluating your technology use and pushing it to the next level. Do some exploring to find out what the frameworks include and how they relate technology to teaching.






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