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Society, Identity, and Transformation in Language Teacher Education:

Eleventh International Language Teacher Education Conference

May 30–June 1, 2019
The Graduate Hotel
Minneapolis, MN

The mission of this unique biennial conference is to address the education of teachers of all languages, at all instructional and institutional levels, and in all the national and international contexts in which this takes place, including: English as a Second or Foreign Language (ESL/EFL) instruction; foreign/modern/world language teaching; bilingual education; immersion education; indigenous and minority language education; heritage language education; and the teaching of less commonly taught languages. The conference thus aims to bring together a range of teacher educators to discuss and share research, theory, and best practices and to initiate and sustain meaningful professional dialogue across languages, levels, and settings.

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This conference is sponsored by the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition at the University of Minnesota and in partnership with the Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Language & Literacy (CERCLL) at the University of Arizona, the Center for Urban Language Teaching and Research (CULTR) at Georgia State University, and the American Association of University Supervisors and Coordinators (AAUSC).


Early Registration DeadlineOctober 19

Seventh International Conference on Immersion & Dual Language Education

Transforming Communities Through Multilingualism

February 6–9, 2019
The Westin Charlotte
Charlotte, North Carolina

Immersion and dual language education continue to evolve as highly effective program models for launching students on the road to bi- and multilingualism and intercultural competence. School-based immersion, bilingual, and dual language programs involve a minimum of 50% subject-matter schooling through a second, world, heritage, or indigenous language at the preschool and elementary levels (PreK–5/6). Secondary or post-secondary continuation programs for elementary immersion/dual language graduates include a minimum of two subject courses.

Conference Speakers

Putting the Puzzle Pieces of Bilingual Language Learning Together: Lessons from First-, Second-, and Bilingual Language Acquisition
Virginia C. Mueller Gathercole, Florida International University

The Urgent Need for Authentic Communication in Every Lesson
Jeff Zwiers, Stanford Graduate School of Education

The 21st Century School: How and Why Dual Language Works for Everyone, PK-12
Virginia P. Collier and Wayne P. Thomas, George Mason University

Mom, They Do Know We're (American) Indian, Right?
Susan C. Faircloth, University of North Carolina - Wilmington

Education Policy at the International, National, State, and Local District Level

Bill Rivers, JNCL-NCLIS 


Early registration is open now through October 19, 2018 with a special rate of $349. Regular registration runs from October 20, 2018 ending on January 16, 2019 with a rate of $399. Options exist for full conference registration, 1-day registration, school visits, pre-conference workshops, and several events.

Program models include:

  • One-Way Foreign/World Language Immersion
  • Co-Official/Regional Language Immersion
  • Two-Way Bilingual Immersion
  • One-Way Developmental Bilingual Education
  • Indigenous Revitalization Immersion

While each model targets distinct sociocultural contexts and educational needs, all embrace language, literacy, and culture development through subject-matter learning with a high degree of language intensity. The Seventh International Conference on Immersion and Dual Language Education will bring these models together to engage in research-informed dialogue and professional exchange across languages and instructional contexts.

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CARLA is the founder of the International Conference on Immersion and Dual Language Education and is pleased to serve as partner for the upcoming conference, Transforming Communities Through Multilingualism, with East Carolina University, Public Schools of North Carolina, and The University of North Carolina at Charlotte.


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