Introduction to Technology Integration: Create

This section involves actually making something yourself. The key to this section is hands-on work, not just reading about how something is done. For example, if the module topic is "generic software," you might be making a brochure in MS Word.  You would be given a link to a brochure template that you can download and use to create your brochure. Or maybe it will be an online tool where you will create an account for yourself and make a simple online activity.

For this Introduction, you will create an account in the "class" space in NiceNet.  This will enable you to join in discussions with others who are using these modules.

Join the "class" in NiceNet for the Languages and Technology bulletin board discussions.

• Go to
• At the right side of the window, under "New Users," look for "Students"
• Click on "Join a Class"
• In the next window, enter EZ04032C46 in the "Class Key" box
• Click the "Join the Class" button

• Fill out the information requested,
       - username and password - remember to write them down!
       - do NOT use your email password
   TIP:  you may want to use one login and password for all of the applications in these modules.

Introduce yourself!

• Once you are registered and looking at the class page:
• Click on "Conferencing" (in the menu on the left)
• Look for the "Introduce Yourself" topic thread. 
• Click on the "Post" link under the "Introduce Yourself!" topic. 
• Put your name into the "subject" box. 
• Tell us a little about who you are, what your interests are, what you teach, etc.


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