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Secondary Dual Language Immersion:
Materials Development & Research

This initiative will support the increase in secondary DLI programs by developing a repository of content-and-language integrated teaching materials; conducting design-based research on the creation of these materials; and offering workshops for immersion teacher educators at Minority-Serving Institutions (MSI).

Initiative Background

    This initiative will help dual language immersion (DLI) teachers implement content-and-language integrated curriculum and instruction in the classroom. The initiative will include the creation of three Spanish curricular units for use in secondary DLI classrooms; design-based research on the creation and use of these materials; and professional development through workshops and a CARLA summer institute that focuses on secondary immersion continuation programs.

Additional Resources

    Dual Language and Immersion Family Education

    This website provides guidelines and materials for family education professionals and an online repository of useful resources for families who wish to deepen their understanding of dual language immersion.

    Dual Language and Immersion Teacher Assessment Rubrics

    This website provides research-based teacher assessment rubrics specifically designed for dual language and language immersion education (DLI) contexts. The rubrics are research-based, context-dependent, formative, developmental, and educative; they are meant to help teachers to learn and improve their practices by interacting with them.

    Immersion Bibliography

    These topically-organized bibliographies on immersion offer a vast array of useful references for the immersion educator, researcher, parent, or student.

    Immersion Education Resources

    This section features information about organizations, publications, websites, and listservs that support immersion education.

CARLA Summer Institutes

Each summer CARLA offers specific professional development opportunities for immersion educators including teachers, administrators, curriculum coordinators, as well as other educational specialists who work with immersion programs.

CARLA Bibliography

The CARLA bibliography contains more information on publications and presentations by faculty and staff involved in immersion education projects at CARLA.


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