Digital Storytelling: Additional Resources

A good place to start for additional information is the digital storytelling movement. This movement may be more indepth than what we are able to work with in the classroom, but the information will be useful.

Center for Digital Storytelling -
Jason Ohler's website -

More Examples

M.S.K. Running - from the Digital Storytelling site

A collection of various kinds of storytelling websites (from DigiTales)

Educational uses of storytelling - for ESL (Univ of Houston)

A great wiki site with lots of examples at all grade levels for how teachers are using VoiceThreads in class!

Other Information/Articles

Storytelling traditions in many cultures

Brain-based teaching and TPRStorytelling


Download Storybook Weaver game (software, needs installation) - PC/Windows only
or as "abandonware"?

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