Brain-based Multimedia: Examples

The slides on this page describe 9 principles for using multimedia, what Mayer and Moreno call the "elements of a science of e-learning" as you will see below.

For each principle, there are one or more examples linked underneath the slide. The examples may be good examples of the principle, or they may be poor examples. So... for this section of the module, we need to have some discussion!

Under the example links for each slide, you will find an embedded discussion area. You can log in to the discussion using a number of web applications you may already have an account with - Facebook, Twitter or Gmail, for example. Find the thread posts related to the principle you are studying and click "reply" to add your thoughts. You need to log in to reply.

The 9 principles are from articles by Mayer and Moreno and are used here with permission.

Click each numbered tab in order to navigate through the content.



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