Introduction to Technology Integration for Language Learning

These modules loosely follow an experiential cycle of learning. They are meant to be hands-on, active learning, and best if done in a small group vs. individually. Most of the modules follow this pattern:

  1. Readings with exposure to a concept: background or theoretical, or reports of experiences readings
  2. Explore examples of how teachers have incorporated a particular concept using tech or a particular technology.
  3. Hands-on activities where you can test things out as a student, or build up to using that technology.
  4. Put the concept or technology to work as you create your own activity, and if you are working in a group, you will share your activity with others to get feedback.
  5. After experiencing and creating, reflect on what you have done and what you will do with this application of technology in the form of a group discussion.
  6. Each module finishes with additional resources for more indepth information: tutorials, other similar tools, related issues, or other information.

Even with all the various modules that you find here, this will only be a taste of the possibilities that new technology applications offer to us as language teachers. We hope that after these modules whet your appetite, you will continue to explore new ideas on your own, but also with your tech support people, and especially with your colleagues!

This introduction module will give you an idea of what to expect from the sequence of activities in each module, as well as an introduction to our topic of technology integration.


  • In the menu along the left side of this window, you will see the list of topics (modules) currently available to explore.
  • When you click on a module, you will see a sub-menu open with the same sequence of sections included for each topic.
  • You clicked Introduction to get here, and you should now see the sections for this module.
  • Click each section of the Introduction in turn to find out about each one.
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