Survey of LCTL Teachers

Bill Johnston (Indiana University) and Louis Janus (University of Minnesota / CARLA) sent out a surveyin 1999 to 2,000 LCTL teachers listed on the LCTL project's databases. The survey aimed to find out about LCTL teachers' backgrounds, the programs they teach in, and the needs for future development to assist them.

The questionnare and a summary of the results are available below.

A research report of the survey is also available as a PDF.

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Results of questionnaire: Professional Development Needs of LCTL Teachers

Name of institution: See summary of results
Department: results not available

A. Your teaching situation

1. What language do you teach?
Note: If you teach more than one language, please provide information for all the languages you teach.
See summary of results

2. How many years of this language does your institution offer?
Which levels (e.g., 1st year, 2nd year) are you usually responsible for?
See summary of results

3. Please provide the following information about enrollments at your institution in a typical year. Indicate if this is exact information or an approximation:
results not available

Year of study Number of sections Number of students per section
1st year    
2nd year    
3rd year    

4. What kind of students do you have? undergraduates? graduate students? heritage students? a mixture? Please say a few words about this.
See summary of results

5. Which course book or books do you use? Please give the author, title, and year of publication. (Please see the material information at the Language Materials Project, UCLA.)

B. Your professional background

6. What qualifications do you have? List all degrees, diplomas, certificates etc.:
See summary of results

  • Type of qualification (e.g., M.A., Ph.D)
  • Subject
  • Year of graduation

7. Please list qualifications or parts of qualifications (e.g. coursework, a minor) specifically related to language teaching (pedagogy, methodology etc).
See summary of results

8. Are you a native speaker of the language you teach?

yes no
82 135

C. Your work situation

9. Are you a tenured or tenure-line faculty member of the institution where you teach?

yes no
165 65

10. If not:

What kind of contract do you have?

Permanent Annual Semester
17 31 21

What is your official title? See summary of results

What percentage is your position? (e.g. full time = 100%, half time = 50%)

Percent time reported Number of respondents (out of 234 total)
100% 66
80% 1
75% 1
66% 2
60% 1
50% 11
25% 3

11. Many teachers have other duties aside from teaching language (e.g. research, teaching literature). Approximately what percentage of the work that you do is devoted specifically to language teaching and related issues?

percent reported number of respondents (out of 234 total)
10% 4
15% 3
17% 1
20% 7
25% 19
20 - 40% 1
66% 2
100% 25

D. Professional development needs

12. We’d like you to read over the list of things that we consider to fall into the category of professional development for language teachers. If there are areas of professional development you feel we have missed, please add these in the place provided. Then, please check the five that you consider the most important for you at the present time in your situation.

54 A new journal devoted to practice and research in LCTL teaching  
65 Language enhancement work (working on your own proficiency in the language you teach)  
53 Opportunities for action research (research on your own classroom that you yourself conduct)  
60 A conference (e.g. annual) for teachers of LCTLs  
85 An e-mail list-serve or discussion group for teachers of my language  
Workshops or coursework on:
75 language teaching methodology  
31 second language acquisition  
91 using technology in LCTL teaching  
60 making one’s own teaching materials  
73 how to assess language learning  
65 incorporating culture into language teaching  
93 Opportunities for cooperation and collaboration with colleagues  
108 Advocacy for LCTLs and LCTL teachers at the university, state, federal level  
94 Access to information about professional issues (conferences, training opportunities, availability of materials etc.)  
Other (please fill in):     See summary of results    

E. Anything else?

We’re well aware that completing a questionnaire like this can be somewhat frustrating if your situation doesn’t seem to correspond to the categories given or the questions asked. For this reason, in this section we offer a place for you to make additional comments of your own relating to any of the areas covered above. Please feel free to tell us anything you think would be relevant to your own professional development or that of other LCTL teachers.
summary of results



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