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The grid below is an annotated index to part of the Virtual Picture Album compiled and distributed by the Less Commonly Taught Languages Project at the University of Minnesota. The pictures in this section of the VPA are of people, places and objects in Ireland. Each of the pictures is represented by a thumbnail-sized image in the grid, and is accompanied by:

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Photo (Thumbnail) Vocabulary Items Topics Grammar Points
bar (pub), bush, grass, high-rise building, orange color colors -green, orange, white;
pastimes -pub-going;
field, house, road, rock, sky, stone, stone wall, telephone pole, wall seasons -summer;
urban/rural -rural;
weather -nice;
locatives/spatial relations
bar (pub), beer keg, building, chimney, door, tv antenna, window how-many? -windows, doors, beer kegs, chimneys, antennae;
pastimes -pub-going;
weather -cloudy
rock, sailboat, sea colors -red;
pastimes -sailing
locatives/spatial relations;
motion verbs;
tense/aspect -progressive;
cloud, sailboat, sea how-many? -boats;
pastimes -sailing;
weather -cloudy;
motion verbs;
tense/aspect - progressive;
farm, fields, grass, green color, hedge, house, island, road, sea colors -green;
urban/rural -rural;
weather -cloudy
stone, stone house, stone wall historic/religious elements -beehive huts (clocháin);
urban/rural -rural;
cap, cat, eyeglasses, girl (3), jacket, kitten, shirt, watch animals-cats, kittens;
clothing -cap, eyeglasses, jacket, shirt, sweatshirt, watch;
colors - black, white;
how-many? -cats, girls, kittens;
personal numerals;
cap, cat, dog, eyeglasses, girl (3), jacket, kitten, shirt animals- dog, cats, kittens;
clothing -cap, eyeglasses, jacket, shirt, sweatshirt, watch;
colors - black, white;
how-many? -cats, girls, kittens, dogs;
personal numerals;
boat, curragh, grass, harbor, hill, rowboat, sailboat how-many? -boats  
shop, shop window, sign-Irish numbers -telephone number;
shopping -ordering food
purpose clauses;
verbal noun; -(examples)
balloon, chair, child, cottage (little house), doll, fireplace, house-interior, old, rug (on wall), wall   locatives/spatial relations
boat, buoy, curragh, dock, people (men), row (verb), sea how-many? -boats, people;
transportation -curragh;
urban/rural -rural
personal numerals;
tense/aspect -progressive;
beach, cliffs, green color, sand, waves colors -green  
grass, place names,road, road signs-Irish colors -green;
geography -places on the Dingle peninsula
urban/rural -rural;
weather -cloudy
directions -left, right;
numbers -(examples)
building, gate, grass, ice cream, nun, park, policeman, walking path, wheelchair, woman clothing -coat (nun);
how-many? -people;
urban/rural -urban;
personal numerals;
positions -standing, sitting, lying;
tense/aspect -progressive;
buildings, flowers, grass, park, people, poles, sign-Irish, sculpture, stairs, tree, walking path, window clothing -dress, pants, shirt, T-shirt;
how-many? -people, poles;
urban/rural -urban;
personal numerals;
positions -standing, sitting;
tense/aspect -progressive;
verbal noun -(example)
shop window sign-Irish days of week -Tuesday, Wednesday (Irish);
numbers -telephone number
case -genitive (example);
shop window, signs-Irish colors -red, white, blue; number -plural forms (examples)
boulder, field, hedge, tree    
bottle, bread, drinks, grocery, shop, signs-Irish, store, supermarket colors -red, yellow, blue;
shopping -groceries;
case -genitive (example);
tense/aspect -progressive,
cross, grass, green color, old, tree colors - green;
historic/religious elements -Celtic cross
fields, green color colors -green;
shapes -square fields;
urban/rural -rural;
mail (post), shop, street, van colors -green;
transportation -mail van;
urban/rural -urban
motion verbs
blue color, building, Clonmacnoise, clouds, cross, green color, monastery, ruin, steps, tree, tower colors -blue, green;
historic/religious elements -Clonmacnoise (monastery ruins);
weather -nice
locatives/spatial relations
cart (small), door, flowers, gas canisters, horse (small), motorbike, shop, windows shopping -various;
weather -nice;
advertisement (gum, newspaper), shop window, signs-Irish colors -red, white, blue verbal noun -(example)
bar (pub), car, chimney, roof, signs?, yellow color colors -yellow;
pastimes -pub-going
bicycle (partial), buses, busy, cars, cart, city, horse, street, traffic, trash container, tree, window transportation -bus, car, horse&cart, bicycle;
urban/rural -urban;
beach, blue color, boulder, people, rock, sand, seaweed, sky, swimmer, swimming, white color clothing -swimsuits;
pastimes -beach-going, swimming;
seasons -summer;
weather - nice, warm;
tense/aspect -progressive
fishing boats, Dingle Peninsula    
A corridor leading to the walls of Cahir Castle    
Old graveyard, Tralee    
rainbow, Dingle Peninsula

colors - raibow
weather - after rain


clothing   conditional
colors   genitive
days of the week
  locatives/spatial relations
historic/religious elements   motion verbs
how-many?   numbers
numbers   personal numerals
pastimes   positions
seasons   possession
shapes   progressive
shopping   pronouns
transportation   purpose clauses
urban/rural   verbal noun

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