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The grid below is an annotated index to part of the Virtual Picture Album compiled and distributed by the Less Commonly Taught Languages Project at the University of Minnesota. The pictures in this section of the VPA are of people, places and objects in Norway. Each of the pictures is represented by a thumbnail-sized image in the grid, and is accompanied by:

There are also suggestions for ways to use certain pairs or groups of pictures.

Due to the number of pictures in this section, the VPA index for Norway is divided into three parts.

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Photo (Thumbnail) Vocabulary Items Topics Grammar Points
children (4), kitchen, riding, standing, stove, toys pastimes -playing comparatives: older, younger;
contrast: standing vs. riding
apartment building, apartment path, clouds, high rises, soccer field, veranda, housing -apartments;
urban/rural -urban
baby, crawling, young children -baby  
Bergen, Bryggen (Haneatic Wharf), old, ship geography - Bergen, cities;
transportation -ship;
buildings -(old style)
berry-collecting, boys (2), jacket, woman pastimes -picking berries comparatives: older, younger
bicycle, bike trailer, kids (2), man pastimes -bicycling subordinate clause: while...
boots, boy, car, cards, hat, kitchen, mittens, pants, shirt clothing -boots, hat, mittens, pants, shirt;
house -kitchen
reflexive: å kle på seg 'get oneself dressed'
birthday, boy, bunad vest, napkin, paper cup, party, sitting, table celebration -birthday for kids;
clothing -bunad
boys (3), kneeling, looking (up), sculpture, stone, Vigeland culture -art in public places (Vigeland Park) directions: up;
progressive: kneeling and looking;
bread, bread pans, fresh-baked, loaf, waffle iron food -bread;
kitchen appliances -waffle iron
locatives/spatial relations: on top of, next to, in front of
bread, bread pans, fresh-baked, loaf food -bread locatives/spatial relations: on top of, next to;
ordering of process/event: making bread
ashtray, coffee table, dining table, easy chair, fireplace, floor lamp, living room, pillow, sofa house -living room locatives/spatial relations;
boats, boulders, cabin, flag, flag pole, urban/rural - rural; seasons -summer  
backpack, cashier, grocery store, man, paying, sign-Norwegian, shopping shopping;
store interior;
ordering of process/event: shopping, paying
cheese slicer, goat's cheese (geitost) food -goat's cheese;
kitchen utensils -cheese-slicer
boots, boy, coat, clothing, hat, mittens, snow, winter clothing -boots, coat, hat, mittens;
pastimes -playing in snow;
seasons -winter
ordering of process/event: getting dressed, going outside
children (3), playing, pond pastimes -playing  
ax, coat of arms, crown, lion politics -official symbols  
coloring, coloring book, girls (2), paper, pencil, school, smile, table, teeth (missing teeth) school activities -coloring;
cardinal numbers;
cows, fence, farm, farm buildings, grass animals -cow (domestic);
how many? -cows;
urban/rural -rural;
books, bookcase, coffee cups, dining room, formal, guests, lamp, men (2), table, tablecloth, wine, wine bottle, wine glasses, women (3 ) clothing -suit coat, tie, formal (not casual) dress
how-many? -cups, glasses, people;
pastimes -entertaining friends;
doll, eyes, red color, white colors -red, white;
how-many? -dolls
country, Europe, map, names of European countries, Norway geography -Europe directions -north, south, east, west
folk, hardangerfele, Hardanger fiddle, instrument, music culture -folk, traditional;
music -folk, traditional
dock, fish, fisher, hat, man, ocean occupations -fishing  
clouds, fjord, heather, road, sky landscape  
boy, chair, goats, petting, rocks animals -goat (domestic) cardinal numbers;
intercity express, lights, number, tracks, train transportation -train, express  
freezer, grocery store, man, price, shopping , signs food;
shopping -buying groceries;
cheese, food, grocery store, price,shopping, signs, woman food;
shopping -buying groceries;

animals   comparatives
buildings   conditional
celebrations   contrast
ceremonies   directions
children   following a map
clothing   locatives/spatial relations
colors   motion verbs
culture   near/far
direction signs   numbers (cardinal)
everyday life   ordering of process/event
family   plural
food   progressive
geography   reflexive
historical/religious elements   subordinate clause
kitchen appliances/utensils  
school activities  
store interior  
traffic signs  

Grouping Suggestions

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