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Unit 3: Using Audio, Part B

Before you watch:

Try to fill in the missing words in the text of “My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose” (a new window will open).
What made it easy or difficult?

While you watch:

There are three activities in this video. In the first activity (“My Love is Like, a Red, Red Rose”), observe the strategies that the participants use to figure out the missing words. What does this tell you about our expectations of learners?

With the second and third activities (“Finnegan’s Wake”), what linguistic, contextual, and real-world clues do the learners make use of to complete the tasks?

After you watch:

What are the pedagogical benefits of these kinds of gap-filling and jigsaw activities?

What are the advantages of “staging”—breaking up the work on the song into different activities completed, say, with each new verse?

What kinds of text might you use in these ways with your learners? What kinds of songs from the target culture or cultures might they enjoy?

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