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Unit 4: Using Video, Part A

Before You Watch:

What kinds of video recordings, if any, have you used in your teaching? What did you do with these materials? What other kinds of video recordings would you be interested in sharing with your students?

Generally speaking, what are the advantages of using video recordings (as opposed to audio recordings) in a language class?

Download Viewing Activity One (PDF)

Vinci Clip 1

After You Watch:

Why does Bill advise doing intensive work with only1 – 2 minutes of video? What are the goals of such intensive work on a video clip—what are we hoping to achieve for our learners?

What’s the purpose of the “point of entry” into a text the students are about to view?

Bill suggested that one of our main goals in using video is to enhance the learners’ listening ability. How might non-verbal (i.e. mostly visual) elements of video recordings support this goal?

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