The Virtual Picture Album -- Tunisia

The grid below is an annotated index to part of the Virtual Picture Album compiled and distributed by the Less Commonly Taught Languages Project at the University of Minnesota. The pictures in this section of the VPA are of people, places and objects in Tunisia. Each of the pictures is represented by a thumbnail-sized image in the grid, and is accompanied by:

We also have suggestions for ways to use certain pairs or groups of pictures.

Due to the number of pictures in this section, the VPA index for Tunisia is divided into three parts.

Part 1 Landscape and scenery (this page)
Part 2 Culture
Part 3 People and daily Life

To view or download a full-sized picture from the VPA, click on its thumbnail representation below.

Photo (Thumbnail) Vocabulary Items Topics Grammar Points
wide, flat, desert, sand, hot, dry; camel, afar, single, trees; geography, weather, seasons subject-adjective agreement, plural, compare/contrast;
desert, trees, green, yellow, sandy, slopy; climate, seasons, plural, exclamation, colors, compare/comtrast;
desert, sunset, shadow, trees, sand, hot, dry, huge; life style, climate, weather, seasons; countable/uncountable nouns, locative, number;
grottoes, wave, water, sea, bay area, coast, swim, pastimes; sports, recreation, seasons, shapes, hobies; locative, motion verbs, adjectives;
house, old, on top of, mountain, view, rocks, high, low, direction, sky; housing, rural, urban, sightseeing, location, lifestyle; locatives, spatial relation, compare/contrast;
trees, green, blue, mountain, hills, sky, clear, view, near, some, many; colors, seasons, landscape, shape; number, locative, spatial relation;
green, mountain, top, view, shape, high, landscape, scene, overview, roads, climbing; colors, landscape, shape, pastime; locative, spatial relation;
oasis, horse, cart, palm trees, green, dry, summer, sky, bright, road; colors, seasons, lifestyle, transportation, tradition; compare/contrast, spatial relation, idafa structure;
winter, cold, snow, forest; valley, stream; season, weather, agriculture, geography; adverbs of time and place, compare/contrast;
forest, bush, grass, trees, frost, snow; seasons, climate, geography; countable/uncountable nouns, compare/contrast, plural;
sky, mountain top, cloud, tourist, standing, views, rocks, look at; tourism, landscape, regions, tense/aspect, locative, motion verbs, colors;
countryside, road, hills, narrow, long, straight, field, car, front view; rural/urban, transportation, driving, motion verbs, locative, tense/aspect;
street, long, car, drive, fields, farm, farmland, destination; agriculture, rural, economy, vehecle; motion verbs, tense/aspect;
sand, dry, ancient building, buried, abandoned, blue, yellow, soft, visit; colors, climate, location, tourism, architecture; locative, noun/adjective agreement;
main street, cross road, corner, pavement, steps, cars, stops, buildings, sky, hills, city, walkers, tourists, old, crowded, sun glasses, caps; architecture, customs, dress, city life, urban, traffic, transportation, life style; colors, motion verbs, plural, locative/spatial relations;
men, sailboat, sand, sea, summer, sunny, warm, young; how many?-six men;
pastimes - relaxing on a beach;
weather-sunny, warm;
plural, number, gender, dual;
boy, men, sea, swimming, swimming suit, summer, warm; pastimes -swimming
seasons- summer
weather- warm, sunny
tense -present;
comparatives, plural;
rocks, water, sea, mountain, ,am, look for; colors, weather, seasons, hobby, pastime; singular, genetive case, tense/aspect, motiom verb, subject-adjective agreement.

seasons   adjectives
desert   adjective agreement
architecture   agreement
geographical features   comparatives
area differences   gender
landscape   locatives/spatial relations
coastal area   near/far
colors   number
countryside   numbers
weather   tense
scenic characteristics    

Grouping Suggestions