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The grid below is an annotated index to part of the Virtual Picture Album compiled and distributed by the Less Commonly Taught Languages Project at the University of Minnesota. The pictures in this section of the VPA are of people, places and objects in Poland. Each of the pictures is represented by a thumbnail-sized image in the grid, and is accompanied by:

We also have suggestions for ways to use certain pairs or groups of pictures.

Due to the number of pictures in this section, the VPA index for Poland is divided into two parts.

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Photo (Thumbnail) Vocabulary Items Topics Grammar Points
accordian, balcony, door, dress, to earn money, gate, to give money, to go, man, old/young, pants, poor/rich, shirt, shoes, to sit, street, vest, window, woman musical instruments -accordian;
occupations -amateur vs. professional;
urban/rural -urban;
chodzic-przechodzic, siedziec-przesiedziec
ambulance, blue, car, to drive, hospital, lights (on car), to park, patients, sign, street, white colors - blue, white;
parts of a car - door, windshield, lights, etc.;
transportation -ambulance;
plural nouns;
verbs -plural endings;
brick, building, drugstore, frieze, new/old, shop, shop window, signs, vending machine architecture -old style;
materials -brick;
shopping - going to the drugstore;
urban/rural -urban;
to bake, bakery, to buy, drodzowe, jagodzianki, packzi, pastry, prices, to sell, signs-Polish, window food - cakes, pastries;
numbers -prices (examples);
shopping -going to the bakery;
automated teller machine (ATM), bank, blue, man: arms, belly, head, etc., pants, PKO bank, pigeons, shirt, signs-Polish architecture -modern style;
event/process -going to the bank;
urban/rural -urban;
bankomat, convenient, easy, fast, money culture -modern life;
shapes -square;
baby, to baptize, candles, church, cross, eyeglasses, father, godmother, to hold, to listen, mother, paintings, to pray, priest, to read, to stand, to talk ceremonies -baptism;
clothing -blouse, skirt, coat, trousers, shirt, shorts, priest's vestments, shoes;
colors -of clothing: dark blue, beige, white, flowered print;
culture -religious practices;
family -mother, father, child, godmother;
occupations -priest;
tense -present;
black, blue, brown, to choose, entrance, menu, to order, purse, red, shorts, sidewalk, sign, street number, take-out, white, woman colors;
names -family (last) names;
urban/rural -urban;
beverages, gofry, menu, pizza, popcorn, roasted chicken, sandwich, zapiekanka food -menu choices--foreign vs. traditional;
numbers -prices on menu (new money);
numbers -examples;
arch, big, books, door, girl, hanging lamp, hanging sign, high, library, long, low, posters, round, sidewalk, steps, windows architecture;
clothing -shorts, T-shirt;
colors -red, gray, white, blue;
old/new -old;
shapes -arch, oval, rectangle
gerundive adjectives -hanging, standing, leaning;
signs -Polish;   case;
big, building, blue, bus, city, expensive/cheap, hotel, lamp, rich/poor, taxi, tourists, traffic, white transportation;
urban/rural -urban;
adjectives -(opposites);
birthday, birthday boy (solenizant), to blow, bowls, boy, cakes, candles, girl, to light, mug, plates, to sit, to stand, tablecloth, woman celebrations -birthday; clothing -scarf, shirt, sweater, T-shirt; family; how-many? -candles;  
art, barbican, bronze, bust, chimney, clouds, fish, mermaid, roof, sculpture, sky, sword, tail, trees, tower, TV antenna, wall, woman culture;
historical elements -barbican, mermaid;
weather -warm, nice;
building, bus, to drive, lamp, numbers, open/close, passengers, red, to ride (a bus), to stop, street, windows, yellow colors -red, yellow; numbers;
transportation -bus;
urban/rural -urban;
butcher, to buy, cold cuts, customers, door, entrance, to hang, meat, to sell, shop, to shop food -cold cuts, meat;
occupations -butcher;
shopping -going to the butcher;
birthday cakes (ciasta i torty), cakes, to display, refrigerator, shelves, to show celebrations;
food -cakes;
how-many? -cakes, shelves;
comparatives -higher, lower;
locatives/spatial relations;
baskets, boxes, to buy, cars, cherries, to choose, dark/light, empty/full, farm-fresh, fruit, registration plates (car), scale, to sell, shade, shadow, sidewalk, street market, summer, vendor, to weigh, woman food -fruit, cherries;
letters -examples;
numbers -examples;
occupations -farmer, vendor;
seasons -summer;
shopping -going to the street market;
plural nouns;
black, chair, Christmas, colorful, curtains, decorations (toys, chains), green, to hang, to kneel, jewelry, living room, presents, radiator, to stand, sweater, tree, window culture - holiday traditions;
holidays -Christmas;
house -living room;
locatives/spatial relations - center, on the left, on the right;
blonde, blouse, blue, children (3), clock, closed/open, corner, pants, people, purse, red, tall, tourists, t-shirt, white, windows, woman architecture -Old City, old vs. new;
physical appearance;
urban/rural -urban;
plural nouns;
verbs -plural endings;
camera, carriage, castle, cobblestone street, to drive, entrance, horse, jacket, pants, people, purse, to see, skirt, sky, summer, tourists, tower, to visit, to walk, warm, windows historic elements -Old City, castle;
occupations -carriage driver;
pastimes -sightseeing;
seasons -summer;
urban/rural -urban;
plural nouns (czlowiek-ludzie);
verbs -plural endings;
dress, flower, girl, long, purse,to smile, to stand, white clothing- communion dresses;
how many-girls;
traditions-first communion;
locatives-right, left;
plural nouns;
directions -left, right;
locatives/spatial relations -next to, near
boots, busy, chair, class, computer, to help, jean-shirt, keyboard, to look, mouse, screen, to sit, skirt, student, sweater, table, teacher, to turn, to type, to work; clothing -boots, jean-shirt, skirt, sweater;
computer equipment -mouse, keyboard, screen;
how-many? -students;
occupations -student, teacher;
pastimes -studying;
school activities -computer science;
plural nouns
verbs -plural endings;
building, car, to cross, crosswalk, to drive, high/low, lamp, narrow/wide, to park, pink, red, roof, signs, street, stripes, tower, to walk, white, woman colors;
how-many? -towers;
urban/rural -urban;
adult, child (2), clothing, dog (2) (Owczarki Podhalanskie), green, harness, man, mountains, multi-colored, to pull, recreation, red, resort (Zakopane), to sit, sled, to sled, snow, to stand, tourism, tourists, vacation, white, winter animals -dog (domestic);
clothing -coats, hats, headband;
geography -Tatra Mountains;
how-many? -dogs, children, people;
parts of a dog -ears, nose, paws, tail;
seasons -winter;
tourism -mountain resort;
weather -snow, cold;
plural nouns;
number -cardinal numbers;
verbs -plural endings;
bakery, to buy, to display, pastry, poppy seeds, price, to sell, sweets, yeast food -baked goods, pastry;
money -price of one piece;
shopping -going to the bakery;
abbreviations (examples);
numbers -price (example);
box, to buy, to carve, carvings, to display, figurines, folk art, to hang, pants, sculptor, to sell, shelves, sidewalk, to sit, stripes,T-shirt; clothing -pants, striped T-shirt;
culture -contemporary folk art;
occupations -sculptor;
tense -present;

airplane   abbreviations
animals   adjectives
architecture   agreement
body parts   aspect
buildings   borrowings
celebrations   case
ceremonies   cognates
clothing   comparatives
colors   conditional
computer equipment   tense
culture   directions
family   genitive
food   gerundive adjectives
geography   instrumentals
historical elements   interrogative pronouns
holidays   locatives/spatial relations
house   near/far
housing   number
how-many?   numbers
landscape   passive
letters   plural nouns
money   quantities
musical instruments    
names   tense
nature   verbs
parts of a car    
parts of a dog    
physical appearance    
sports equipment    

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