The virtual picture album -- Portugal

The grid below is an annotated index to part of the Virtual Picture Album compiled and distributed by the Less Commonly Taught Languages Project at the University of Minnesota. The pictures in this section of the VPA are of people, places and objects in Portugal. Each of the pictures is represented by a thumbnail-sized image in the grid, and is accompanied by:

We also have suggestions for ways to use certain pairs or groups of pictures.

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Photo (Thumbnail) Vocabulary Items Topics Grammar Points

to celebrate, to have lunch, to drink, father, mother,daughter, son, friend, cousin, salad, lamb, water, wine, bread, dishes, table clothe, table, chairs, window, door, sunny, terrace;
Family gatherings-celebrations-Lunch time verbs ser, estar, demonstrativos, pronouns, plural and singular
to celebrate, to eat, to share, family, mother, father, son, daughter, table, food, lamb, wine, dishes, to serve, happy, table cloth; Family gathering-Social order, number, noun/adjective agreement, comparative, tense/aspect;
to celebrate,to get married, bride, groom, father in law, mother in law, mother, father, daugther, son, bar, client, plate,to serve, waiter, glass;
food, drinks, people;
Wedding celebration,lunch time; Present tense, prepositions, adjectives, nouns
fish, bone, eye, to fish, fishermen, boat, ship, sea, cost, port, fresh food, to cook, quantities, color, shape Tradition, Present times, Past times, History, Geography, Economy plural, singular;
past tense, verbs ser and estar,
shapes, quantities
bread, nuts, championship, prize, to bake, to cook, to eat, cheese, farm products, dairy products, diet, bakery Tradition, Food products plural, singular;
past tense, verbs ser and estar,
shapes, quantities
to water, plants, vineyard, wine, red wine, white wine, type, men, clothing, green, path, basket, smile, to work, hardship, weather, rain, raincoat, pants, boots; historic, traditions, customs, Agriculture, harvest season; adjective, number, gender agreement;
to harvest, to work, to keep, to water, to cut, to collect, wine, grapes, leaves, green, basket, young, man, friendship, hardship, to travel, day, to get paid; Seasonal activities in Agriculture adjectives, locatives;
behind, above, etc.;
past tense, gender, numbers;
to collect, grapes, to handle, to water, to work, weather conditions, sunny, man, leaves, soil, basquet, types Harvest activities, life style Quantities, measures, numbers, prepositions
to wash, to clean, water, clothes, woman, to smile, soap, cars, colors, green, yellow, red, black, street, stone, white lifestyle, historical, modern/traditional;Village life activities plural, singular
gender,feminine-masculine, prepositions, adjectives;
women, man, basket, young, old, to wash, to clean, water, clothes, woman, to smile, soap, colors, green, yellow, red, black, street, stone, white; Village life activities motion verbs, locatives, tense/aspect;
preposition-in, on, at, near;plural, singular, gender
adjectives, Present tense, future tense
to smile, young, kids, children, girls, boy, group, to seat, happy, to hold, to hug, brother, sisters, family
Family members/children constructions, number, how many, plural;
to hug, to kiss, friend, relationship, smile, happy, to celebrate, to hold, to work, mountains, field, vineyard, sunny, clothing, face, proud; geography, place, location, friendship; adjectives,constructions, number, how many, plural;
to drive, truck, men, clothing, to work, vacation, hardship, friendship, land, tools, clothes, pants, T-shirt, happy, to smile, young, old, father, son, cousin, friends Daily activities-Village life, Traditions How many? - man, plural, singular, masculine, adjectives, future tense, present tense
to fire, barbecue, bushes, green, soil, trails, men, young, old, vineyards, pants, boot, mountains; Village Life-Agriculture-Activities How many? - man, plural, singular, masculine, plural, singular, prepositions
gender-masculine, verbs ser and estar

how many   adjectives
geography   adjective agreement
Village life   verbs ser and estar
historic, tradition   comparatives
distance   near/far
historic/historical   numbers
how-many?   tense
landscape   gender
location   prepositions
old/new   future tense, past tense, present tense
social gathering   pronouns

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