Book Cover imageDeveloping Classroom Materials for Less Commonly Taught Languages

by Bill Johnston with Louis Janus

This book provides both principles and practical guidelines for LCTL teachers of all levels and languages to transform raw materials into activities for the language classroom. Grounded in research, the author lays out a series of principles that serve to remind teachers of the possibilities that exist when they consider using authentic materials in the classroom. Each principle in the book is accompanied by numerous practical examples in a wide variety of languages created by the author and by teachers who have participated in a summer institute led by Bill Johnston and Louis Janus at CARLA since 1999.

CARLA created a website with videos based on the LCTL book and summer institute.

Book Index:
  • Chapter One: An Introduction to Materials Development
  • Chapter Two: Using Written Texts: Reading
  • Chapter Three: Using Audio Materials
  • Chapter Four: Using Video Materials
  • Chapter Five: Visual Materials: Using Pictures
  • Chapter Six: Creating Integrated Skills Packets
  • Appendix I -- Using Technology to Develop Material, by Louis Janus
  • Appendix II -- Language Teaching Materials and Copyright

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