Continuous Improvement


Communication Mode Rubric Type Purpose Level

(Unrehearsed, two-way interaction)

Multiple Trait Role Plays & Interviews Post-secondary
Holistic Role Play Advanced
Holistic Small group discussion Advanced
Holistic Debate Advanced
Holistic Who am I? Conversations Intermediate
Holistic Hot Seat Intermediate
Holistic Role Play Intermediate
Holistic Information Gap Intermediate
Multiple Trait On-task Group Work All levels
Analytic Conversations All levels
Analytic Conversations Novice
Analytic Who am I? Conversations Intermediate
Analytic Conversations Intermediate

(Polished writing and speaking)

Analytic Role Plays & Interviews Post-secondary
Analytic Composition Post-secondary
Analytic Composition Post-secondary
Holistic Speech Advanced
(Listening, reading, viewing)
Analytic Literal Comprehension of a text All levels
Analytic Interpretive Comprehension of a text All levels


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