Second Language Assessment Resources

Developing Speaking and Writing Tasks for Second Language Assessment: A Miniguide for Assessment Development

This short guide contains a framework that will help teachers create speaking and writing tasks and tests that are directly linked to classroom practice. The guide includes tools and worksheets that can be tailored to a variety of classroom contexts and a range of students' needs, using a model based on extensive research and piloting done by the Minnesota Articulation Project members and the Assessment Team at CARLA.

Download: Miniguide (PDF).

Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT)

This grant produced item banks, an item selection algorithm, and computer-based, fixed-length reading tests in French, German, and Spanish targeted at the ACTFL levels Intermediate-Low and Intermediate-High. The grant also produced a validation study which demonstrated that students' performances on paper-and-pencil and computer-administered tests were similar.

Assessment Annotated Bibliography

The Assessment Annotated bibliography contains information on various works dealing with the assessment of language teaching and learning. It was created to give language teachers and students a useful and accessible research tool in the area of second language assessment.

Internet Resources on Language Testing

Links to additional Internet resources for those interested in second language assessment.



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