Rating Sheet for Oral Role Plays and Interviews
Post-Secondary, Year 2

Quantity of information communicated (relative to level)
A / A- 10 / 9 Communicates significantly more information than required to fulfill the task; includes elaboration and detail.
B 8 Communicates more information than required to fulfill the task.
C 7 Communicates adequate information to fulfill the task.
D 6 Communicates some information, but amount is less than adequate.
F 5 - 0 Provides almost no information, or there is not enough speech to evaluate.
Fluency (relative to level)
A / A- 5 / 4.5 Speech is smooth and flowing. No hesitancy or rephrasing.
B 4 Speech is smooth for the most part. Occasional hesitancy. Some rephrasing.
C 3.5 Speech is generally hesitant and often choppy.
D 3 Speech is extremely hesitant and choppy. Frequent pauses and/or unfinished phrases.
F 2 - 0 Speech is limited to isolated words or short phrases. No fluency.
Pronunciation (relative to level)
A / A- 10 / 9 No errors in pronunciation that impede comprehension.
B 8 A few errors in pronunciation rarely impede comprehension.
C 7 Occasional pronunciation errors cause some confusion or misunderstanding.
D 6 Frequent pronunciation errors cause consistent confusion or misunderstanding.
F 5 - 0 So many pronunciation errors that comprehension is impossible.
Vocabulary (relative to level)
A / A- 10 / 9 Uses a wide range of vocabulary appropriately.
B 8 Uses a fairly wide range of vocabulary. Most of vocabulary is used appropriately.
C 7 Uses an adequate range of vocabulary, but sometimes inappropriately.
D 6 Uses a limited range of vocabulary. Vocabulary is often used inappropriately.
F 5 - 0 Shows no command of vocabulary.
Grammar (relative to level)
A / A- 10 / 9 No or very few grammatical errors.
B 8 Some grammatical errors; however, errors do not impede comprehension.
C 7 Several grammatical errors occasionally impede comprehension.
D 6 Many grammatical errors frequently impede comprehension.
F 5 - 0 Grammatical errors so frequent that comprehension is totally impeded.

Rate A or B, as required by task

  A. Role plays/skits: Does it sound like a 'real' exchange? (relative to level) B. Interviews: Does interviewee understand questions? (relative to level)
A / A- 5 / 4.5 Exchange is very well-connected and clear with no hesitations. Understands all questions. No repetition necessary.
B 4 Exchange is very well-connected with very few hesitations. Understands most questions. Occasional repetition necessary.
C 3.5 Exchange is somewhat choppy due to misunderstandings between participants. Understands approximately half of the questions. Repetition is often necessary.
D 3 Exchange is unconnected and extremely choppy due to misunderstandings between participants. Understands only a few of the questions. Repetition frequently necessary.
F 2 - 0 Speaker is unable to maintain her/his end of dialogue. Totally unconnected. Understands no questions. Repetition and/or rephrasing of questions is always necessary.




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