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CoBaLTT Participants

Models based on units
developed by CoBaLTT participants


See examples of Graphic Organizers in context:


Jill Pearson’s unit—Title: Chez moi et dans le monde entier: Exploring our use and relationship with water: Lesson 03

In this lesson, Jill uses a graphic organizer to have her students think about possible ways to improve our water consumption and, as a result, better protect the environment. This graphic organizer also helps her ensure that her students gain exposure and practice with important the grammatical structures they need to communicate and discuss possibilities (e.g., if…then, etc).


Elizabeth Chaigne’s unit—Performance through character development: Lesson 03

In lesson three Elizabeth utilizes one of the CoBaLTT graphic organizer templates to have her students identify the possible behaviors and actions of specific characters based on their personality traits. While performing the task, students are encouraged to use specific grammatical structures and language to show cause and effect, etc.



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