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Strategy 5: Using Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizers represent very effective tools to support Content-Based Instruction (CBI). Using such tools can greatly enhance and optimize lesson plans for CBI.

Below is a list of links which will first provide you with a rationale for using such tools and then walk you through the major steps involved in the creation and integration of graphic organizers in your lesson plan.

Section Description of Content

Why use graphic organizers?
Rationale for using Graphic Organizers in your content based instructional module.

Which organizers are available and which thinking skills and language structures do they target?
A quick overview of the many Graphic Organizers that have already been developed and that are available to you as well as a description of the thinking skills each one of them targets.

What do teachers need to think about to prepare and use graphic organizers?
Major steps involved in the preparation and use of a graphic organizer (things teachers ought to think about).

How can a graphic organizer be used effectively in a lesson?
Examples of how graphic organizer can be successfully used (activities developed by CobaLTT participants).

Which graphic organizers can I modify and print for use in my classroom?
Customizable graphic organizer templates ready to be edited and then printed.



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