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Example 1: Barrier Free by Kazue Oda

Phase 3: Interpersonal Task

Materials needed:

Description of the task:

Students have learned various products that contribute to building a barrier-free environment such as types of raising blocks on the street, Braille for blind people and various barrier-free products both in Japan and in the States (concept of Universal Design). They also have studied various efforts that have been made in building/creating barrier-free houses in Japan. Additionally they also have learned how to assist people with disabilities.

Logistics for the Interpersonal Task:

Students are required to interact with each other for 5 minutes. A week before the interpersonal task takes place, the list of non-negotiables will be given to the class. During the task, the list of non-negotiables will be written on a large poster-size paper and placed so that it is clearly visible for those who are engaged in the interpersonal task. The instructor will sit to the side, but closely enough to be able to hear the conversation of two students during the task. The video camera is also set up so that the instructor could go back to the recorded tape and verify the students’ performance later on, if necessary. The instructor will pair students according to their proficiency levels. Higher level students will be paired with those of a similar proficiency level. Lower level students will be paired with those of a similar proficiency level.

The task will take place in a language lab. While two students are performing the task, the rest of the class will be watching the TV show, “Beautiful Life”, mentioned before, as the Japanese drama about the current barrier free situation in Japan. Students have already watched a couple of episodes with subtitles in class. This time, they will watch one of the same episodes that they have already watched without subtitles.

Before the task, the instructor will order a model catalogue through The instructor orders one catalogue for barrier-free housing and one for non-barrier-free housing. Alternatively, the instructor can use the catalogue online using the virtual model house site

After the students have finished reading the identity cards, they have one minute to study both catalogues. The instructor will keep time and notify them with the card indicating how many minutes they have left on the desk.


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