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We are pleased to be able to share content-based lesson plans and units that have been created by CoBaLTT teacher participants and other teachers who have learned about CBI in other University of Minnesota programs. You will find complete descriptions, along with the necessary handouts, assessment rubrics, links to critical resources, etc. - everything you need to implement them in your classroom!

There are both content-based lessons and content-based units. The lessons are typically from 1-5 days in length, where the units are made up of multiple lessons, cover a longer time period, and have a greater depth of content.

These lesson plans and units were created on an annual basis from the beginning of the CoBaLTT project in 1999. Our expectations changed over the seven-year span of the project, and you will find varying depths of content in the lessons and units, varying ways of constructing language objectives, and varying degrees of language and content integration as well as other changes.


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These 8 units are stellar examples of in-depth treatment of content and content and language integration. Some of them were created for purposes other than the CoBaLTT program and thus may contain extra content not required by the CoBaLTT template (such as unit goals and teacher reflections).


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