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Example 4: Wall of the World by Dawn Breutzman

Interpersonal Task

Materials needed:

Description of the task:

Oral Instructions for Interpersonal Task

1) Write your name next to "Name:"
2) With a partner you will talk about yourself and ask questions to learn about your partner. Share information about:

• things you can/can't do
• things you like/don't like (to do)
• things you do/don't do
• physical characteristics

3) Complete the Venn diagram using the information you gather. Draw a picture to represent information. Put things that are the same for you and your partner under "Both". Put things that are different under the appropriate name.

Each student will be paired with another student of a comparable level. Whenever possible pairs should be comprised of students who have not yet been paired together while working on this particular unit. Each student will be given a Venn diagram to complete with a partner. Students are only required to draw pictures given that most of them will be unable to write descriptions at this stage. Although the information will be the same on both diagrams, students will each complete his/her own diagram as the manner in which they choose to depict an activity may vary. In addition, they will use this information to complete their individual poster for the presentational task.

Throughout the unit, students have practiced sharing personal information as well as asking questions to learn more about others. It is expected that they will be prepared to complete the task using some of the following structures:

  • things you can/can't do "Can you ____?" "Yes, I can. /No, I can't." "I can ride a bicycle." "I can't swim."
  • things you like/don't like (to do) "Do you like ice cream?" "Do you like to read?" "Yes, I do. /No, I don't." "I like cake." "I don't like cats." "I like to draw pictures." "I don't like to do homework."
  • things you do/don't do "Do you watch TV?" "Yes, I do. /No, I don't." "I study English." "I don't clean my room."
  • physical characteristics "We have brown eyes." "You have long hair but I have short hair."

As a warm-up I will give an example of each as listed above by modeling a conversation with a puppet. Students will also interact with the puppet, and take turns asking and responding to questions. At this time I will show them the rubric and my expectations for the Interpersonal task.

We will then begin poster work and the interpersonal task in pairs. Students will be working on their presentational posters as I observe pairs completing the interpersonal task. To minimize confusion, I will give instructions to each pair individually. The instructions for the interpersonal task will be written in the students' L1 and read aloud. Each pair will be given 10 minutes to complete the task. As they interact I will score them using a rubric. Upon completion of the task, they will return to their seats and use the information they have gathered on their Venn diagram to add to their presentational poster.


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