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CoBaLTT Participants

CoBaLTT Jeopardy:  How much do you know?

In this preliminary activity, you will be introduced to the six CoBaLTT instructional modules.  We don't expect you to know all of the answers - if you did know them all, you wouldn't need CoBaLTT! 

To play the CoBaLTT Jeopardy game, click the "Present" button to start the Google Slides presentation.
Begin by clicking on a point amount in a particular category and a question will appear. Then, take a few moments to think of your answer to the question, before clicking to see the answer provided by CoBaLTT staff.  To return to the game board just click "Home" in the bottom right corner.

Come back to CoBaLTT Jeopardy after you have finished with the instructional modules to see if you have learned about all of the questions here.


This Jeopardy game is in Google Slides (click graphic below).
Please start the presentation to play the game, once you open the slides.



Please use the Menu in the column to the left to navigate through the modules.

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