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CoBaLTT Participants

CoBaLTT Unit Submission Template

This is the template that CoBaLTT participants used to create their unit plans. The template itself is no longer available for input on the website, but you can follow the template format in your own Word document. As you enter your unit content, there are pop-up help windows available for each input box by following this information and explanation of what the template parts should contain. "Professor Cobie" will give you an example in a pop-up window. Look for Professor Cobie's "eyes"   and click.

As you are planning to work on your unit, the following information pages will be helpful to you.

CoBaLTT Instructional Modules
These modules contain information that CoBaLTT participants used, in addition to the face-to-face instruction of the institutes. As you plan your unit, specific modules will be helpful for the section you are developing:

Overview, Preparation

Principles of CBI
Curriculum Development - Readings

Standards Targeted

National Language Standards


Curriculum Dev - Writing Objectives

Task Description

Curriculum Dev - Analyzing Texts
Instructional Strategies
Technology for CBI

Unit Assessment

Assessment for CBI


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