Learners: Activity 4

Predict their performance in using Persian

1. Look at the communication tasks we will ask the learners to do. Try to predict how well these two learners will perform in these tasks. Are they going to be accurate? Fluent? Use complex vocabulary and syntax?
Look at the six tasks

2.Teaching these learners. Suppose you have these two students in your class. Given their personalities and personal profiles, would you make any adjustments in your class in terms of your teaching? Would you have any concerns in their ability to learn in your classroom?

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  1. Based on what we have learned about these learners, we might predict that Pari will be more accurate and fluent than Fereshteh in these tasks because of her higher level of proficiency in Persian. However, it would be interesting to see how they do on these tasks and then compare their performance with that of a native speaker of Farsi in terms of using appropriate vocabulary and syntax in their speech.

  2. These students would probably be placed in different classes, because of their different proficiency levels. If both of these students were going to be in the same class, then the teacher would have to individualize instruction considerably. The teacher should bear in mind that Pari's experience in learning different languages is greater than Fereshteh's; therefore, maybe Pari knows better how to use different strategies for learning Persian based on her previous experience. In this regard, the teacher could create a situation that would enable Fereshteh to observe more experienced students like Pari and learn some of those strategies Also since Fereshteh seems a little nervous in her interaction with the interviewer (a native speaker) maybe if she has more interaction with other students who are like herself she may feel more secure and relaxed.


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