FarsiPersian Learner Language

A Persian language learner must be able to use Persian in unrehearsed communication. Being able to judge the accuracy of Persian sentences, or memorize, recite and understand a small set of Persian sentences does not prepare a learner for spontaneous communication.  

A learner who really knows the language can exchange information using Persian in unrehearsed communication, with a degree of accuracy, complexity and fluency that increases over time.

Persian language teachers can understand the development of Persian learner language in their own classrooms using basic techniques from second-language acquisition research. The following six units feature video-clips of Persian learner language produced by two second-year learners in unrehearsed communication activities. Each unit shows you how to analyze Persian learner language from a different perspective, and consider ways you can support its development:

We include a full set of transcribed videos of both learners, and an annotated bibliography of published research on Persian learner language, if you want to go deeper in your background reading.



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