Learners: Activity 3

Compare accuracy, fluency and complexity

Look at these 1-minute segments of each learner’s interview as both learners speak about their previous language-learning experience. 

Compare the learners’ language in terms of its fluency and intelligibility, accuracy, and complexity in those segments.

Relate your findings to their personality and background, if possible.

Jiulin Interview

Transcript (PDF)

AnnaLi Interview

Transcript (PDF)

Please type your answers to the questions in the box below.

When you have finished typing your answer, click to compare your response with the Learner Language staff response.

Both Jiulin and AnnaLi have good pronunciation and are easy to understand. Both pause and are disfluent, with false starts and repetitions. In terms of accuracy, both learners make errors, but AnnaLi appears to us to be a little more accurate than Jiulin. On the other hand, Jiulin’s language seems a little more complex in structure than AnnaLi’s. Each uses only one complex sentence in the 1-minute episode but in general, Jiulin uses longer sentences and more varied structures than AnnaLi.


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