Interaction: Activity 3

Co-construction and scaffolding in interaction

Watch Pari and Fereshteh as they interact in the Jigsaw Task. In this excerpt, one of them has difficulty understanding a lexical meaning. What word is the speaker having difficulty with? What scaffolding does the partner provide in each case? Do they end up with an appropriate expression or correct structure?

Jigsaw Task


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This excerpt contains a negotiation for lexical meaning. In this example Pari asks Fereshteh if her house has a yard, but Fereshteh doesn’t know the lexical meaning of the word “yard” in Persian. In line 2 Fereshteh seeks help and asks her interlocutor to repeat her question, and when Pari realizes that Fereshteh doesn’t know the meaning of “yard”, she modifies the input. She starts saying words like “lawn” and “green” to help her understand its meaning; finally Fereshteh uses the word correctly in line 6 and answers, “I don’t have a yard”.


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