Program Evaluation Process

This section provides an overview of the process of evaluation itself and directs you to related resources. You'll see that validity, reliability, practicality, and fairness considerations are embedded throughout the process. In a simplified overview, program evaluation is comprised of the following steps:

Step Example(s)
1. Identify what do you need to know, for whom, when, and how that information will be used Make informed contract renewal decisions by April.
2. Identify indicators that provide information about your program evaluation goal(s)/need(s) Measure the degree to which instructors consistently fulfill their obligations, teach effectively, and implement the program's pedagogical approach.
3. Select valid, reliable, practical, and fair sources of evidence. What information do I already have (or can I get access to) that would help me choose actions to take to improve my program? Consider the rate of instructor participation in required activities, teaching observations, student evaluations of teaching, and associated acceptable standards (e.g., 90% participation rate is sufficient for rehiring).
4. Carry out data collection Track instructor participation, observe classes and document instructor performance; administer/gain access to student evaluations of teaching.
5. Analyze data Summarize instructor participation in required activities, the key themes in class observations, and the successes and challenges evident in student evaluations of teaching.
6. Interpret data Evaluate whether the level of participation and themes meet your performance standards for rehiring each instructor.
7. Use data to inform decisions Prioritize which instructors to rehire first.

screenshot of the worksheet

Are you ready to jump in and get started?

The Program Evaluation Planning Worksheet can guide you through the process in small, manageable steps. (When you click the link, you will be asked to make a copy of this Google doc.)

Start building a plan for your program by working through each step - you don't have to do them all at one sitting! When you are done, ask another LPD or a colleague for their feedback and revise your plan accordingly.

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