Target Language Text Resources

To support teachers in implementing multiliteracies pedagogy, this repository offers a wide range of online resources to find authentic written, audio, audiovisual, and visual texts in a variety of languages. Click on a language below to see the list of resources.

How do we define target language texts?

Target language texts have three important components: 

  1. They are multimodal, meaning that they reflect written, audiovisual, visual, or digital modes, or a combination of two or more of these modes.
  2. They are socially and culturally situated, meaning that they reflect the products, practices, and perspectives of their creators and intended audiences.
  3. They are created for some real-world purpose other than language learning.

Target language texts in this repository are thus things like podcasts, newspapers, movie trailers, and infographics. They are not things like grammar guides, scripted dialogues for beginning learners, or vocabulary lists. 

Do you have an online resource that would be appropriate for the repository?

If you have an online resource that meets our definition of a target language text and that would be appropriate for the repository, please complete this form, and the Literacies for Language Education project directors will review your request. If they determine that the text is appropriate for inclusion, it will be added to the repository.







Indigenous Languages








  • Global Storybooks Portal
  • Finding OER for Language Courses
  • Facebook:
    • AATF/AATSP/AATG/etc. groups
    • search for the name of a TV show from the target culture in FB. The FB pages often have short videos introducing the series, or a compilation of 'special moments'. 
  • YouTube:
    • search for commercials/ads by the brand name of a common product in the L2 culture
    • find the official YouTube channel for a University in the target country/culture. These channels almost always include short admissions videos made for high schoolers (native speakers of the L2), plus longer texts like interviews with professors, etc.
  • World Meteorological Organization (language can be set at top of page)
  • “Humans of…” series (e.g., Humans of Paris)
  • Radio Garden (live world news around the globe)
  • Telescope Film: International film database
  • LESLLA: Mother tongue online resources 
  • LangMedia: Target language texts and other resources for dozens of LCTLs
  • Learning with Music (music videos & lessons in a range of languages)

This repository of target language texts is based upon suggestions from colleagues at CARLA, the language departments at the University of Minnesota, participants in CARLA summer institutes, and other colleagues.
Thanks to all for your contributions!


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