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Infographic comparing Multiliteracies Pedagogy and Communicative Language Teaching

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This infographic does exactly what its title suggests: it compares the main tenets and concepts of multiliteracies pedagogy (ML) and communicative language teaching (CLT). Research conducted by the Literacies in Language Education project team revealed that teachers often use what they know about language teaching to help them understand new teaching approaches. Specifically, teachers familiar with CLT often draw on that approach to frame their understandings of ML. 


To help teachers effectively use their existing knowledge about language teaching to scaffold new understandings, this infographic highlights similarities and differences between ML and CLT and ways that both approaches are applied to K-16 language education. It is intended for teachers curious about implementing ML or teacher educators wishing to review CLT or introduce ML to the teachers with whom they work. This infographic is thus appropriate to use in a pre-service orientation, methods courses, professional development workshops, or professional learning circles.

Downloadable PDF version of the infographic

Text-only version of the infographic

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