Lesson Analysis Checklist

To facilitate integration of multiliteracies pedagogy into your curriculum, a good place to start is with the text-based lessons provided in your existing instructional materials. The resource provided on this page will help you to analyze and adapt these existing materials using multiliteracies principles. The purpose is to identify aspects of text-based lessons that are in line with these principles, and aspects where changes are needed. 

Before analyzing your own lessons, orient yourself to the checklist using the example provided. You will have the opportunity to analyze a short interpretive reading lesson and compare your analysis against that of the Literacies in Language Education project leaders. In addition, you will read through a revised lesson based on this analysis to see how existing text-based lessons can be adapted to be more multiliteracies oriented. When you feel comfortable using the checklist, download a copy for analyzing and adapting your own text-based instructional materials.


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