Teaching Languages Online

Online Technology Institute

The online technology institute on social networking was a great success with regard to the amount that the participants were able to learn over the 9-week institute. Though delivery of this online course was much more labor-intensive than a traditional course—one co-facilitator logged over 1,400 email notifications and over 300 hours of development and interaction time—both of the facilitators learned a good deal about the process of offering an online course on technology. Plans are underway to share the challenges and successes with the development and implementation of this online course at upcoming conferences (see below). The online course will be offered again as part of the CARLA summer institute program in 2012, 2013 and the foreseeable future.

The course facilitators are presenting about their experiences with this online course at MWALLT (Oct, 2011), at CALICO (June 2012), and offering it to the TESOL EVO (Jan-Feb, 2012) as a 5-week course.

Some of our experience gained in teaching this institute online will be applied to the new STARTALK: Transitioning to Teaching Language Online course, developed in Spring 2013.

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