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Technology and
Second Language Learning

Technology has always been an important part of CARLA's work and is now included as part of all of CARLA's initiatives. However, there is a technology-specific project and other related activities, including the CARLA website!

STARTALK:TTLO - Transitioning to Teaching Language Online

This STARTALK program, now in it's sixth year, is for teachers of critical languages who want to teach their language online. Offered completely online, this 3-week, intensive course will give teacher participants the experience of taking an online course. 

Teaching Languages Online

The current technology project features different aspects of teaching online: a bibliography of resources focused on the preparation language teachers need to teach online, a survey about what preparation online language teachers actually receive, and an online Summer Institute that teaches technology online.

Technology Summer Institute Resources

The CARLA Tech Wiki contains the web resources used during the CARLA Summer Institute on Technology. There are many pages of links and information about our favorite tech tools that you will find very useful.

Technology Integration Modules

The Technology Project offers online modules for some basics of using technology in language teaching and learning. These modules were started as part of the CoBaLTT project and were developed as part of the 2006-2010 grant cycle. There will be additional modules developed as time permits.

Technology Use Survey

The LT4 project wanted to know more about what technologies language teachers are currently using in the classroom and which technologies they would like to learn more about. The results of the 2007 survey are posted.

Past Projects & Other Tech-Related CARLA Projects

Includes information on the some of CARLA's foundational work on technology projects and other CARLA projects with technology content on the CARLA website.

CARLA Summer Institutes for Language Teachers

Each summer CARLA offers a wide array of professional development opportunities for K-16 language teachers including institutes focused on using technology in second language teaching, using the web for language learning, and teaching language online.

CARLA Bibliography

The CARLA bibliography has more information on presentations and publications done by faculty, students, and staff involved with technology.

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