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Web Resources: Find Them, Use Them, Create Them

As language teachers, we know the benefits of using authentic texts (written or spoken) with our students.  The web can supply these authentic texts for immediate acess - we don't need to wait two weeks to get the Mexico City newspaper, we can access it online with today's up-to-the-minute news!  We can plan tours and vacations virtually, and visit museums without having to pay the airfare to get there. 

The Web is becoming a primary resource for many language activites - but it's HUGE!  How can you narrow down your search results, organize all of the great things you find, and show them to students in an organized, easy-to-access manner?  Are the resources on the web worth the time it takes to find them? 

Do we have some great tools to help you! 

There are three parts to this Web Resources Module

In the first part, you will use an online tool to collect the websites you find.  You will learn how to search more efficiently, evaluate the websites you (or your students) find, and use a tool that creates APA bibliography citations.

In the second part, you will take the collected resources you have found, and turn them into an online set of activities that students can access easily without typing in long URLs.  You will also consider what kind of activities you might create around the resources you have found.

In the third part, you will create online webpages, and use online tools to create quiz-type activities, games, and rubrics.



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