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Phrases as memory aids

Companies create slogans so that shoppers won’t forget their products.  Likewise, learners sometimes generate phrases that serve a similar purpose – to ensure that they will remember some grammar concepts, some specific grammar forms, or the way particular grammar forms are used.  Such phrases include {mnemonics} (verbal material similar in sound to Spanish and calling up an image), acronyms or associations alone or in combination (e.g., between an action and language used in that situation).  In other words,  the phrase was created in order to help the learner remember hard-to-remember material.

Check the following links to see some examples of this creative strategy.

Hollywood actor as mnemonic device (Irregular commands)

A phrase with an acronym in it (When to use estar)

A mnemonic phrase (When to use se)

A mnemonic phrase (Formation of imperfect subjunctive endings)



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