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Avoiding avoidance

You may find yourself avoiding certain Spanish language forms either because you don’t know them very well or because it taxes you to try to use them.

The problem is that it’s easy to get into the habit of only using forms you’re comfortable with.  For example, a guitar player may get into the habit of using the same chords (e.g., C, F, G7) to play folk songs.  While this approach “works,” the experience of guitar playing is enhanced by the addition of more chords.  It’s the same way with language.  While you can get by with less, with a bit of effort you can enrich your language repertoire, impressing your friends and yourself as well!

Hilary recognizes some students sell themselves short: 

So, if you notice yourself avoiding a particular form, why not try the strategy of avoiding doing so? You will sound more sophisticated and advanced as a Spanish speaker!

Check the following strategies of students who have made the extra effort.

Using different verb conjugations instead of the present progressive

Indicating the possessive in different ways

Practicing a range of verb forms





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